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Red Hat is the world's most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology.

The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field.

Our servers run AMD Opteron Dual Core processors

Supports FrontPage Server Extensions, which are server-side scripts that extend the functionality of FrontPage. These extensions support features such as hit counters, data collection, e-mail processing, and database processing.

Referral Programme

Want to make some easy extra money? Become a Gondola Webworks Referral Affiliate.

Every time you refer someone to Gondola Webworks and they become a client, you stand to make a referral fee if:

  • you are the first person to refer the client;

  • the client confirms that they were referred by you; and

  • payment was received from the client.

Referral fees are based on a capped percentage, as follows:

  • Web page/site design (includes banners, etc.) - 10% up to a limit of $50

  • Web Hosting - 10% up to a limit of $24

Referral fee cheques will be sent to you when the amount is $10 or greater. This means that if your fee is less than $10, Gondola Webworks will accumulate your funds until your account is at least $10, after which the fees will be sent to you, clearing your account.

So how do you refer a client? Just follow these easy steps:

  • tell the potential client about Gondola Webworks and what we can do for them and/or give them the URL of this website (;

  • ask them to mention your name as a referent; and

  • send Gondola Webworks an email (or some other form of notification) telling us all about it (who you referred, what they are interested in, etc.)

We will then:

  • confirm (to you) whether or not you were the first referent;

  • open a referral fee account in your name if you were the referent of record; and,

  • advise you of your remuneration, and remit the same after the client confirms you as the referent and makes payment for services received.

Referral fees do not extend to any continuing business association between the referred client and Gondola Webworks, beyond the service for which the original referral was made. This includes site maintenance, site upgrades, etc.

Note: All prices are in US currency. Check foreign exchange rates [Opens in a new browser window].

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PHP5 is standard on all our Plans

cPanel is designed for the end users of your system and allows them to control everything from adding / removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases.

Fantastico is an amazing cPanel/PHP based Web application. It integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to automagically install popular Open Source Applications. With Fantastico the installation procedure takes only seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations.